Athlete Spotlight: Sierra Redman Brings her Talents to MBHS Girls Tennis

Girls Tennis off to a good start thanks to strong play from Sierra Redman

 Morro Bay High School is home to its very own Girls Tennis team. Last week, they played their first match and earned a victory. Standout student-athlete Sierra Redman is considered their #1 player. Reporter Sayge Reynolds was able to arrange an interview with Redman.

 Sierra, a Sophomore, found her place in tennis from a young age: “My whole family plays a lot of sports, so I played when I was little a lot, but I started competition when I was a freshman.” After playing tennis for most of her life as a child, Sierra was able to join the sport as part of our school’s team.

 Sierra quickly found great success. “When we started having tryouts, I had to play against older girls and I beat them, so that makes me #1. It took a lot of practicing on my own because I have to play against harder players.” Once she reached this respected position, Redman said that she feels that it had been “kind of stressful…especially as a freshman it made me feel like I had to be up there all the time, but also its really fun and challenging. It pushes me to do better.”

 Despite the challenges, Sierra has been an important part of Morro Bay High School’s tennis team. At the time of the interview, the tennis team had played one match in regular season, which they won 6-3. Redman reported that she played two games, which she won 6-1 and 6-2. Last weekend, the team tried to continue this winning streak at the CA Tennis Classic Tournament, which will span two days with a total of five games played.

 “I enjoy singles more,” says Sierra, elaborating that “ I’ve played it longer. I enjoy doubles a lot but it’s also kind of different having another person to depend on.” Nevertheless, Morro Bay High School’s tennis team is a tight-knit and supportive group. On her hopes for the team’s upcoming season, Redman said “I’m hoping that we are going to do really good. I mean, we lost a lot of seniors last time, but we have a lot of very dedicated girls. So I’m hoping that we’ll get to CIF like last year.” Her dreams include playing tennis in college through a scholarship.

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