Journalism Class Gets a Complete Makeover

MBHS and SLOHS journalism students meet with NPR's David Greene and Kelly McEvers

Welcome to our Brand New Website!!!

  Following the sudden departure of Mrs. Zolnoski at the end of last year, Morro Bay High School’s Journalism and Yearbook programs have gone through many changes. Under the guidance of Mr. Mammarella, (who also teaches English and AP English Language Arts) the two classes have now been merged into a single program. Furthermore, the school newspaper, The Spyglass, is now entirely digital. Instead of a monthly print publication, this website will strive to be a platform where students can receive up-to-the-minute updates on school events and will include a variety of changes to the end product.

 It is the Journalism class’ mission to honor the tradition of The Spyglass. This means that we are including certain aspects of prior publications, including the Crow’s Nest and Pirate Forum. However, we are also working to form new traditions in the form of our brand new ‘Pirate Buzz’ section. This will include MBHS exclusive quizzes, student made comics, and promote school spirit. Click here to see one of our very first comics!

 However, our program is still devoted to maintaining journalistic integrity and keeping you informed about upcoming and past Morro Bay High School events. Sports scores, school news, updates on ASB events, and special features highlighting people at our school are all types of content that will be included. Articles will also cover students’ opinions on a variety of topics ranging from movies to politics. An article featuring an exclusive interview with Mrs. Domenic can be found here, and a spotlight of Girls Tennis star Sierra Redman can be read if you click here.

 The new Journalism program, headed by Audrey McClish and Adam Rainbolt, is delighted to herald in this new era of our school newspaper. We hope that our new website has something for everyone. Students can contact us at and interact with us on social media (Instagram: mb_spyglass, Twitter: @MbSpyglass).  

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