Meet your new Assistant Principal: Mr. Cadwallader


Last year Morro Bay High School said goodbye to Mr. Jones and Mr. Alstott as assistant principals. Mr Jones is continuing his career at Pacheco Elementary and Mr. Alstott has made the transition into Physical Education here at MBHS. This 2018-2019 school year, MBHS is welcoming Mr. Cadwallader and Ms. Contreras to the administration as the new assistant principals. The Spyglass interviewed both of them to find out more about their backgrounds and their transitions to MBHS.

Mr. Cadwallader comes to MBHS all the way from Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado where he held the position of Dean of around 2400 students. Cadwallader grew up in Colorado and attended Arapahoe High School. He continued his education at several institutions including Neosho Community College, West Virginia State University, and Rio Salado University, where he pursued a range of studies including applied math before earning a masters in administration at the University of Phoenix. When asked about the strengths he brings to MBHS, Cadwallader answered “my past experience; I’ve been in education 12 years, at 3 schools, and 2 states…” He emphasized how his experience with adapting to the diversity of different areas, and jobs is one of his key strengths.

Mr. Cadwallader is most excited about the “opportunity to really get to know more students” here at MBHS because it is a smaller school compared to the schools he previously worked at. Upon coming to campus, he notes that he was most surprised by the seagulls, and the cool weather, which he appreciates. When asked about the most challenging part of making the transition to MBHS, Cadwallader replied that “getting to know the new systems and policies” for not only the school and district, but also the state.

Cadwallader’s hobbies include “spending time with [his] kids” and a passion for sports, particularly baseball, which he played in college. When asked which aspect about school that he would change if he could, he explained that he would “make specialized high schools” where “kids could choose, and make their ideal education.” Such schools would provide “training in what they enjoy along with core education.” An interesting fact that Cadwallader shared with The Spyglass is that before administrative work, he pursued a short career as a massage therapist.

Stay posted for part two of this series about Ms. Contreras later this week

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