Remembering September 11th, 17 Years Later

The American Flag waves in the sun at half-mast. Photo Credit Adam Rainbolt

  Today, our nation takes a few moments to remember the tragedy that struck 17 years ago in the devastating terror attack against the World Trade Center and Pentagon. This attack took thousands of innocent lives and changed the United States forever. For nearly two decades, people around the country have taken this day to remember and honor, in ways big or small, the terrible things that happened.

 That number, 17 years, is important. That means that, starting now, Morro Bay has students in each grade that were born after September 11th, and have therefore never lived in a world that it hadn’t happened yet. For the first time, all but a few students have lived their entire lives in a nation that was shocked to its core. To many of us, the cultural changes that were enacted in response to this event are simply how it has always been.

 However, just because for many students, including myself, September 11th a day that has always been a part of our lives doesn’t mean that it should be forgotten or taken any less seriously. As our nation moves forward, it is important for every single one of us to remember our fallen countrymen and to learn from the mistakes and hardships of the past.

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