Worldstrides Welcomes Sign-Ups for Trip to Japan


By Mailani McKelvy


This summer a group of high school students will be travelling to Japan through the educational travel organization called Worldstrides, not affiliated with Morro Bay High School.   If you sign up for the trip before September 27th, the discounted cost is $4,525- though sign-ups are still available for a slightly increased price after that date. The trip itself is in the summer of 2019, and targets popular destinations in Japan including Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, and more.

MBHS teacher and trip chaperone Therese Abuan describes the Worldstrides organization as “all inclusive”, and says that the price includes the air fare, 4-5 star hotels, two main meals a day, and covers all entrance fees to any tour destinations.  Abuan claims that though it is a good chunk of money, it is still close to $1000 less than previous Europe trips that she had been on with Worldstrides in the past couple years.

Abuan is still encouraging people to sign up for the trip. If you are interested, please contact her through her email (available on the MBHS website), at to learn more about an the trip itself and the interest meeting taking place on September 19th.

According to the information on the Worldstrides website, attractions include the Golden Pavilion of Kinkakuji, Nijo Castle, Mt. Fuji, and the Heian shrine. Students will experience both sides of Japan- of modernity and of tradition. Fun activities along the way include a calligraphy class, a visit to a Japanese school, and a cooking class.

Abuan believes that travelling is a valuable experience for a high school student, and that one can learn a lot about cultures from a textbook, but only truly immerse themselves in it when they experience it firsthand. She says, “Just seeing what people do- the architecture, clothing, food, it’s just really interesting to witness it firsthand. You become a little more globally aware.”


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