Girls Golf Starts Regular Season with a Victory


 The Girls Golf 2018/2019 season has officially begun. Their regular season started on Monday, September 10th with a victory against Nipomo High School and Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School (Mission Prep). During the season, Girls Golf will battle the other schools in the league, which includes schools from all over the Central Coast.

 Although the team’s preseason was largely unsuccessful, they were able to start the regular season well. On Monday, September 10th, they earned their first victory against Nipomo and Mission Prep. This match set the new personal bests for Taylor Joller (senior), Juli Bishop (Sophomore), and Selina Garcia (Freshman). The team’s overall score was 263, which won against Nipomo’s 278. Meanwhile, Mission Prep failed to provide enough players and forfeited, resulting in an overall victory for Morro Bay High School.

  One strong presence at the match was Abbie Burrus (Junior), who received the lowest score of the match (to those unfamiliar, golf is scored by the amount of swings it takes to get the ball into the hole) with a 47. Talking about the match, Abbie said that winning their first match was very cool, and she hopes to continue this success throughout the year and get into CIF. She said that golf was “definitely a mental game… it’s inside [your] head. So the way you think affects the way you play.”

 Talking about what goes into having a successful match, Abbie shared that it takes “a lot of preparation and not overthinking things- I’m going to hit the ball at the flag. I’m going to hit the ball between the trees. I’m just going to hit the ball where it needs to go. And then you do it.”  Overall, she says that she works on being focused and having fun, noting that she enjoys taking in the beauty of the natural landscape while she plays.

 Overall, Abbie said that she has “improved a lot since Freshman year. I’m not doing the best I can do yet but by the end of the season I’ll be doing really good. I’m excited.” This attitude is carried by the entire team, who hopes to continue and grow throughout the season.

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