Juniors and Sophomores Earn Victories at Powder Puff

Junior and Senior girls line up in this year's Powderpuff game. Photo by Kaitlyn Asuncion


The Powder Puff football games took place at the Morro Bay High School on September 19. Powder Puff is an arrangement of football games in which the roles in the game is reversed as girls play on the field while the boys act as coaches and cheerleaders.

In an entertaining yet low scoring game, the Sophomores defeated the Freshman with a score of 12-8. The first score of the game was a touchdown for the Sophomores with 4:35 left in the first half. The Sophomores got the ball back and wanted to score, but threw an interception to Emily Duclos. The Freshman struck back with a touchdown catch by Ava Burton with 19:32 left in the game. The Freshman would be able to score on the 2 point conversion making the score 8-6.

Senior Hattie Taylor runs for a first down. Photo by Kaitlyn Asuncion

Phoebe Knighton stole an interception to get the Sophomores back in the game. With 8:29 left in the game, the Sophomores capitalized on their opportunity with a touchdown. The freshman needed to come back and gain the lead, but were unable to do so as they threw a costly interception to give the Sophomores the win. “It went well. We lost, but we had fun. [asked about the highlight of the game] We got a touchdown! Just being a team, being together was really fun.” – said Ava Burton.

 In the next game, the juniors defeated the seniors in a great football game with a score of 26-12. The game was a hard-fought victory as the two teams battled for dominance.The first half was a back and forth battle as the senior team scored quick making it 6-0 with 19:00 left. Later, the juniors were able to strike back to score two touchdowns before the end of the half making the score 12-6. Prior to the game, the senior’s confidence was clear: “I think we’re going to win, actually I’m not going to get ahead of myself because anything can happen. I’m going to stay positive and pump up my team,” said senior Isabel Morano.

 With 14 minutes left, the score was tied at 12-12. With 50 seconds left, the juniors’ score had doubled, bringing the game to 24-12. In the final seconds of the game, the juniors earned a two-point conversion, leaving the final score at 26-12 as a victory for the junior team. By the end of the game, this brutal defeat had stolen the senior team’s confidence, as was shown when Ellie Krull expressed her thoughts: “Congratulations to the juniors, you guys played really well. We probably should have played different plays, but it’s all good. So what can you do?” However, maybe Kayden Diodati said it best when she shared that “we got shreked.”

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