Meet Your new Assistant Principal: Ms. Contreras

New Assistant Principal Heather Contreras is thrilled to be a Pirate

MBHS welcomed Ms. Contreras to the administrative staff this year. She serves as one of the two new Assistant Principals. While both Contreras and Cadwallader deal with school policy and attendance and discipline, they take on different roles for other concerns; for example Mr. Cadwallader oversees facilities and Contreras handles curricular activities.

Contreras comes to us from Southern California, and attended Cal State Bernadino and the University of LaVerne before pursuing a career in education and then school administration. Before taking her position here at MBHS, Ms. Contreras worked at A.B. Miller High School in Fontana, California. She moved to the Templeton area to be closer to her family, especially her nephews whom she is excited to spend more time with and watch grow up.

Overall, Contreras describes her transition here to be “really smooth,” though as with any transition, challenges arise by virtue of “not knowing the culture, rules, and protocol.” She is still learning about who to contact and how to approach situations with new guidelines and norms. Contreras has welcomed this transition, and appreciates working with such a friendly staff and student body, which she notes is “laid back- in a good way” and appreciates that “everyone greets each-other, and smiles”.

She is excited to  work closely with Dr. Pruitt and Mr. Cadwallader and feels she brings a new, yet experienced perspective to the team. Like Mr. Cadwallader, she hopes that coming with the perspective from that of a larger school, she may help to revitalize both policies and life in general here at MBHS.

If Contreras could improve one thing about school in general it would be “for kids to be able to hang on to their creativity, and have it celebrated throughout- starting in elementary,” emphasizing the importance of “fostering that love for learning for every child especially those who struggle w hardships at home.”

When asked what surprised her most upon coming to MBHS, Contreras explained the weather is a lot cooler than she expected, which is a common theme among new administrators this year (see article about Mr. Cadwallader). She also took note of increased socialization of students here compared to that at her previous school, relating that although students here are still on their phones, it’s not as prevalent as she was used to.

She misses her colleagues and students in Fontana, especially the senior class whom she formed a close connection with. According to Contreras, she has “a heart for working with teenagers,” explaining that with a job like a school administrator, “it doesn’t always come off that way.” She wants students here to know that she wants to get to know them, and to “come and say hi.”

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