Morro Bay v.s. Viewpoint



 On September 14, 2018, Varsity Football took home the victory. Varsity Football faced Viewpoint High School in Agoura, California and won at the last second with a score of 28-27. Xavier Bruce was a key player, scoring the game winning touchdown.

 The first quarter started off great for Morro Bay with the team winning 6-0. During the second and third quarters MBHS faced some challenges with a slight down fall, but were able to pull through towards the end of the third quarter. After all the challenges MBHS faced, they made a comeback. Pass after pass, yard after yard, they were starting something special. With Viewpoint High School just a couple touchdowns ahead, MBHS tried to run the clock.

 With just minutes left in the 4th quarter, MBHS scored another touchdown making the score at 26-27. The coaches had a decision to make: go for the two point conversion or kick the field goal. MBHS chose the 2-point conversion and the whole crowd was up on their feet. Score. The win goes to MBHS with the score at 28-27.

 One prominent presence at the game was Xavier Bruce, who scored a last minute touchdown and secured the victory for Morro Bay High School. Speaking about the season, Xavier said “[It was going] bad, but now better.” He also shared that he will continue football into college, if he gets a scholarship. Xavier Bruce’s role on the team is receiver or outside linebacker. He says his inspiration to play football was his grandpa, who signed him up and has now been playing “since his freshman year.”

 Morro Bay improves to 1-4 on the season. Next week will be a bye week and the next game will be on 9/28 at Templeton High School.

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