Style Spotlight: JoJo Carranza and Madelaine Chaney

Senior Joseph Carranza

by Robert Everett

Some people’s style of clothing stands out more than the rest, and Morro Bay High School has no shortage of people with an individualized sense of style. A couple examples are Senior JoJo Carranza and Sophomore Madelaine Chaney.

Here are some of their insights on their own sense of style:

Gavin Twist- Madelaine Chaney

Sophomore Madelaine Chaney (above) thinks highly of her style, describing it as “Gucci”. Chaney claimed that she gets her clothing “on a Chinese bootleg website”.  Chaney says that her unique style of clothing is inspired by anime as well as the Japanese virtual pop star Hatsune Miku.

Chaney said that she felt great in what she was wearing, and is very confident in her look. When asked, “Would you wear this again?” she replied strongly, “Yeah, I would!”


Senior JoJo Carranza (above) is a true fashion trendsetter. In an interview, they stated, “I think that I am a unique and special individual that doesn’t care about what society thinks of clothes.”

JoJo’s style is influenced by LGBTQ advocate Marsha P. Johnson. JoJo buys  clothes at Ross, Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters and Black Water. JoJo said that they normally wear these clothes, and never feels nervous about wearing an outfit similar to this. JoJo states”I wear this style because I can!”


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