Protest Album Features MBHS Student


Written by Taylor Dewey

The album “Raise Your Voice” is coming out on October 5 and featuring Morro Bay High School student Amalia Fleming. The album features 11 tracks by students from around the nation performing original poems and songs. It “is a compilation album of all the students nationally who wrote songs against gun [violence]” to protest recent deadly shootings in schools. Producers asked for students to raise their voices about how they feel about the shootings and then picked the best songs and poems to go on the album.

Fleming’s original song “Renegades” will be track number 5. She writes all of her music, and she gets her inspiration from “artists that I’ve listened to for a long time like Sabrina Carpenter, U2, and Duran Duran, some older bands like that.” Also, she has produced her own album called “Vibrations” that is available for sale.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.53.53 AM
(Album Cover by Little Village Foundation)

Amalia first took a stance with her music at Morro Bay High School when she performed her song “Renegades” for the March for our Lives, which followed the devastating attack on Parkland High School. Describing this experience, Amalia said “I was actually contacted by the people putting on the walkout.” Amalia continued that she was both nervous and excited to participate in Raise Your Voice.

The albums “Raise Your Voice” and “Vibrations,” along with Amalia’s work for the March for our Lives, are all great representations of both her skill, and commitment to her message against gun violence. Outside of this album, Amalia also does her own concerts, performs covers, and more. To listen to her music, students can purchase her album “Vibrations” through iTunes or go to


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