Top 10 Things that the Library can provide to Morro Bay High School Students


By Mailani McKelvy

The Morro Bay High School library provides many resources to students that you may not expect. Here is a compilation of resources available to students at MBHS.

  1. Chromebook checkouts: If a student is in need of a Internet access, they are able to check out a school chromebook as well as a Wifi hotspot to bring home. They just need to get and fill out a form signed by a parent or guardian, and they’re good to go.
  2. Tutoring: The library provides study support as well as tutoring in several subjects. Contact by email (available on the MBHS Website) Library Technician Christie Hagwood for more information about the help available.
  3. Study spaces: Students are able to reserve a room in the library to study in either a group or individual setting.
  4. Musical instruments: Although this may seem unlikely, the library provides guitars and ukuleles to students for use inside the library.
  5. Lunchtime concerts: The library provides lunchtime concerts, most recently one featuring a student group consisting of Senior Maddy Booker, Senior Justine Allen-Boston, and Senior Olivia Bennett. Bring your lunch and check the library on Fridays to enjoy a free concert by your peers. If interested in coming performances, check the announcements to see if there are any upcoming concerts.
  6. Electronic databases: The library provides electronic databases available through EtcPortal, a collection of reliable resources for any type of research that you might be doing. There you can find a collection of newspaper articles, encyclopedias, and any other additional information that one might need with the comfort of knowing that it is a reliable source. These resources and more are available on the library’s website here.
  7. Art supplies: The library provides everything you need with art supplies from pencils to markers. Art supplies are available for any school or personal project that you might need them for.
  8. Troubleshooting your device: The library is able to troubleshoot your device as needed for free. 
  9. Month long check out time: Conveniently, books can be checked out for a month, or even longer when if they are renewed and no one else is waiting for them. As a side note, textbooks can also be checked out overnight if someone needs one. Also, many fiction titles have been requested and selected by MBHS students.
  10. A place to hang out: The library isn’t simply for studying- if we haven’t made that clear previously. The library is also a place to hang out with friends, or have some alone time. Ms. Hagwood made it clear that the library is a place for everyone, stating in our interview, “we’re all equal in here.”

Ms. Hagwood encourages students to come talk to her whether it be via email, a note, or in person. She stresses that the library is here for MBHS students in whatever they need- whether they want to request a certain book, check out a study room, or have access to anything on this list.


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