Skits! Homecoming Week off to a Theatrical Start

Sydney Beckett and Shane Nairne give a dynamite performance as Napoleon Dynamites. Photo by Ellena Korishelli

Last Friday, October 5, MBHS Homecoming Court nominees displayed their dancing and theater skills on stage at the Skit Rally. Each couple expressed their creativity to wow the crowd into voting for them. Below is the MBHS elected 2018 Homecoming Court and Homecoming Royalty candidates. Students will have the opportunity to elect King and Queen after the Final Five Rally on Friday, October 12.

Highlights included a buzzing performance by Seniors Mikaela Bell and Delaney Siegmund, who demonstrated the theatrical skills of MBHS Drama, with Mikaela dressed as a bee and Delaney as a sunflower. Senior Isaac Wallace felt that the Senior acts stole the show, his favorite skit was the country dance performed by “Tanner [Daugherty] and Hailee [Revalee]; they were fun to watch.” Tanner and Hailee performed a fun swing dance complete with an impressive assisted backflip finale.

Lady and Lord: Sydney Beckett and Shane Nairne

Duchess and Duke: Adrienne Frere and Isaac Long

Princess and Prince: Jazlyn Orozco and Sam Clapp

Senior Final Five: Hailee Revalee, Grace Hotaling, Camille Sherrod, Hattie Taylor, Skyllar Evans, Tanner Daugherty, Kayden Diodati, Gannon Staeheli, Pedro Morales, Nick Murphy

Shafaq Bhatti gets a colorful bouquet from JoJo Carranza
Adrienne Frere is carried off stage by Isaac Long



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