What Goes into an ASB Poster?


ASB (Associated Student Body) meets during 4th period and host all pep rallies, create all the posters, organize all school dances, and do so much more to keep Morro Bay High School school running. In order to advertise, promote, and sponsor events around campus, ASB utilizes the time honored tradition of making posters.

Recently, a student artist at MBHS made some criticisms regarding posters ASB put out. In response to this, Dempsey said, “I mean, it makes me sad that people aren’t appreciating what we’ve done, and if they have a problem with what we put out or suggestions it’d be best if they’d just come and talk to us in person, and then I can talk to my committee and we can see what we could do to improve.”

Over the years, ASB has refined their method of poster creation. Some posters take a long time to create, while others can be produced quickly. ASB president Anelise Dempsey stated, “It depends on size and what’s being advertised and how long it’s going to be up for. If it’s a long time poster, then of course we want it to be the best we can make it and hang it up in a prominent place.”

Posters take anywhere from one to four class periods to design and create depending on the poster. Dempsey stated, “I don’t know, it could be a couple class periods or if someone needs to knock out two posters in a class period then that happens too.”

Group discussions are critical to a successful product. Dempsey explained, “We have a ‘to publicize’ list up and we have an ongoing discussion within our weekly meetings. We talk about what needs to be publicized and the publicity committee takes that and runs with it to make the posters that need to be made.”

When asked if there was anything else that ASB would want the student body to know regarding school events and posters around campus Dempsey finished, “I just want them to know right now we’re really busy and impacted but we’re just trying to put our best foot forward and we want to make quality work for everyone to see.”

ASB is currently working on the Homecoming dance and putting all of their effort into making it as exciting, fun, and entertaining as possible. October 8th through the 12th is Spirit week, October 12th is the Homecoming Rally, and the Homecoming Dance is on Saturday October 13th.

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