Female Kicker Sadie Magpie Joins MBHS Football


 The Morro Bay High School Football team will feature a new player in today’s game against Nipomo High School. Sadie Magpie will be playing as the team’s kicker. She will be on the only girl on the team, although Morro Bay High School has a history of opening its roster to both genders.

  Sadie Magpie will join the team in their game against Nipomo. Describing her role on the team, Magpie said she does “PATs, the extra point after a touchdown,” continuing that it is “really fun, but harder than I thought it would be.” Her challenges come from the fact that she is “more dominant in her right leg, so I am kicking with that leg. But now I’m only working out on my right leg, so it’s currently about ten times stronger than my left,” which is is giving her issues.

  Talking about how she became involved with the school, Magpie shared that she was contacted by the Coach after seeing her skills at kicking soccer balls across the lunch quad. Now that she’s on the team, Sadie said that she’s planning on “keeping [her] mind clear and not overthinking it.”

 Overall, she said that so far the only challenge that she faced has been some students “[being] like ‘oh you’re on the boys team, you’re like a jock now.” However, she said that overall, the experience has been “really positive.”

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