FFA State Officers Visit MBHS


By Ellie Glinn

The state officer visit is something the Morro Bay FFA members look forward to every 3 years. On October 8th the day finally arrived and the state FFA President, Matt Rosa, and Reporter, Kyle Dayton, arrived in Morro Bay. The Morro Bay FFA welcomed them at the beach at 5:30pm, where they played games and talked until sunset. Afterwards, Matt and Kyle, along with the Morro Bay Chapter Officers, proceeded to Vice-President’s Tanner Daugherty’s, home where they got to know each other better over dinner. The next day, they arrived at MBHS to present to the classes.  It was a wonderful experience where the State Officers taught students about leadership, cooperation, and other life skills.

Their lessons demonstrated benefits of being different and how that helps a team be successful. They also introduced first year members to the opportunities available through FFA.  Unfortunately, the day ended and they had to say their goodbyes. The Morro Bay chapter was very thankful for another exceptional visit and look forward to seeing them again at conferences and conventions throughout the year.

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