Why MBHS Students Should be Grateful for our Technology

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Today, our classrooms are filled with computers, smartboards, 3D printers, robotics, and virtual learning systems that I find increase the learning capabilities for our students education.  However the way we have learned has changed quite a lot over the decades and it wasn’t always like this.

Morro Bay High School was founded in 1958 with limited technology.  In the 1960’s the main pieces of technology were typewriters, chalkboards, radio stations, microphones, rotary phones, and low grade cameras. (Although MBHS students during this time did have access to a popcorn machine where students could get a bag full of popcorn.) Most of these pieces of technology have been upgraded to new versions in our modern day. I think that this technology could be a better learning system for students because it challenges us to work harder.

In the 1970’s most technology had been the same or upgraded slightly. The school acquired movies projectors, overhead projectors, mimeo graphs, scantrons, dark rooms, floppy disks, and better quality camera. In yearbooks our school had colored backgrounds but the rest was not in color. I think that having this kind of technology would be harder for but would be fun challenge to climb. Typewriters were then upgraded to electric typewriters that provided a better quality of typing for students. ASB Account Clerk Annette Bunnell stated that in “1970’s at MBHS, we started on manual typewriters, but it was manual and we finally moved up to an electric witch we thought was awesome because we didn’t have to slap the thing back and forth all the time.” At the time, students did not have backpacks and would have to carry their books home everyday, “It was all books,” said Bunnell. “We used our lockers extensively. I went to school here and we went to six or seven everyday, but we had the books and we kept them in out lockers. And we took them home for homework and we didn’t have backpacks. Backpacks came out after I left.”

In the 1980’s technology was upgraded further. VHS tapes were used by teachers to show visuals to students for learning.

In the 1990’s  MBHS was introduced to the internet, which was a dial up connection on the telephone line. Whiteboards were also introduced, speeding up and clarifying lessons. Math classes during the 1990’s gained access to calculators, reaping the benefits of its range of shortcuts and problem solving abilities. At this time backpacks were around but lockers were still used heavily and decorated. I do think that backpacks could be a form of technology because they provide support for students to have an easier experience rather than carrying around book in our hands. DVDs were also added to the school for learning purposes.

In the early 2000’s computer labs were introduced and students had more access to information. At this time computers however were not as up to date compared to our modern laptops. Printers were also added to the school for student use. Publishing programs such as Microsoft Office were utilized by students for school work. From this, teachers had more ways to engage with their students for learning new concepts.

In our modern time the school’s access to new technology has changed learning drastically. Chromebooks were added to almost every classroom and provide quick and easy access to information for students. With computers and high speed internet, students are more globally connected and able to research and communicate more broadly. More educational programs have been introduced to MBHS as well, allowing students to learn subjects more easily. I think that what have now in technology could still be improved within the next five or so years.With new technology, our school has changed the ways of learning and our technology can only improve for the years to come.

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