Easy Lunch Spots at Morro Bay High School


by Ashley Magday

There are a lot of spots on and off campus where you can eat with your friends. Where do people like to eat besides the quad? Here are a few easy options, according to a few MBHS high school students if you want a different place to eat.


According to a MBHS freshman he likes to eat and hang out in the library at lunch. He found out that you can bring food in the library, so he started eating there with his friends. He said that the library is a nice, peaceful place to hang out, and he finds that the atmosphere is nice when surrounded by books and his friends. Besides eating in the library, he and his friends are able to talk to each other, do schoolwork, and help his friends out. 


According to Sophomore Sophia Nelson, either the gas station across the street or Taco Bell is the place to go to get snacks during nutrition or lunch. Walking or driving to the gas station and Taco Bell takes about 5 minutes, so it is very convenient for her. The food off campus is usually affordable if you were to go occasionally, and she likes to go there because it’s peaceful to be out of class.



Another Sophomore, Rebecca Dulitz, usually goes to Taco Bell to get burritos or  burgers. Dulitz said walking with her friends take them about  2-5 minutes, which makes it really easy for any MBHS student to get food off campus. She likes to eat there because she is surrounded with tables, a flower bed, and lots of people rather than being in a crowded quad. The food there is also very affordable.

When she doesn’t go off campus she is in the main quad with her friends, teammates, and upperclassman socializing, and giving her mind a break for a little while.

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