Homecoming Rally features Senior Homecoming Royalty Nominees

Tanner Daugherty wins watermelon eating contest.

On October 12, students showed off their school spirit in the Homecoming Rally. The Homecoming Rally consisted of Dance Fusion showing off their skills, the MBHS Cheer Team expressing school spirit with their cheers and routine, and homecoming couples competing in various fun competitions. 

The main part of the assembly featured each nominated Homecoming couple competed against one another in a series of fun competitions, the most memorable one being Senior Tanner Daugherty eating half a watermelon faster than his opponents. There were many strategies to eating half a watermelon very fast. When asked about his strategy, Daugherty stated “Don’t use the spoon”. 

Before that the students played a very funny game in which one of each nominated Homecoming Couple had a balloon attached to their stomach. The other student had to run and hug their partner to pop the balloon. This made for a hilarious segment in the rally. This rally proved to be an eventful one filled with many moving elements.

Every grade got their own city inspired theme to dress up as:  Freshmen as Nashville, Sophomores as New Orleans, Juniors as New York City, and Seniors as Hollywood.

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