Student Reviews: Hoco or Oh No?


by Alexis Becker and Ashley Magday

The Homecoming dance was on October 13. Students of all grades went to hang out with friends, listen to music, and have a good time.  Here are some ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ shared by several students at Morro Bay High School:


  1. The decorations. In general, the students interviewed liked ASB’s decorations. The decorations all had elements of famous cities (Hollywood, Nashville, New Orleans, and New York) with handmade skyline, Hollywood sign and hanging lights.
  2. Food. Various students enjoyed the food table at the dance, but wished there was more of everything. Freshman Frank Gumia described, “The food was good- they had cookies, they had candy, and popcorn, and really nice warm water outside.”


  1. The music. The original DJ pulled out days before the dance, so ASB had to contact another one on short notice. Many students interviewed thought that the music could have been better, but MBHS Junior Mia Ibay explained, “The music was okay. I know that there was last minute changes in it, so, it was not bad for a last minute.” Senior Olivia Bennett also said that, “They could have played more slow songs and less rap.” Sophomore Owen Bettencourt  also said that they could have played more requests.
  2. The organization. Some students said that the organization of the dance could have been better, Olivia Bennett stated that, “The dance part [mosh pit] could’ve been bigger.”

Overall, most of the students that we interviewed stayed the whole time, regardless of some of the criticisms they had for it. The dance was well attended by underclassmen and some upperclassmen, and ended Homecoming week with style.


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