A Fresh Start for Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor

There are a lot of new TV shows coming out this fall. At the same time a lot of old and famous shows finally give the fans a a continuation of a story. One of such show is Doctor Who, with the newest season coming out on BBC this October.

The newest season is especially good to start with, because it has actually started a new era of the show. It has caused a great amount of arguments, because it’s the first season to have a woman actor playing the main role (the role of the Doctor).

Doctor Who is a show that was started back in 1950s and still remains it’s popularity. Overall it has 37 seasons and hundreds of episodes. The good thing about Doctor Who is that each season of the show has its own separate plot, so you can start with any season you want without watching all previous episodes.

Throughout its long TV show history, the main role of the Doctor was played by 12 male actors. Turning the Doctor into a woman has become really controversial, and the opinions of fans are divided. Is this a good innovation or is it unnecessarily breaking the tradition of the show?

The first episode of the new season came out on October 7th. It introduced the controversial new Doctor and her companions. The plot of the episode wasn’t strongly connected with the previous ones. The plot is not too complicated and follows the story of an alien invasion.

Besides that, the new episode has enough humor, and the acting skills of Jodie Whittaker didn’t disappoint the majority of fans. Of course, the arguments about woman playing this role still are not over, but this episode seems to be an attractive introduction to a fandom for new fans. A woman Doctor can encourage new people to watch the show, and might just be a fresh start that the show needs after so many years.

If you are interested in, watch new episodes on BBC at 10:55 AM every Sunday of this fall!

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