Girls Golf Finishes 1st Place In League For the First Time

Morro Bay High School Golfer Juli Bishop prepares to swing.

For the first time in Morro Bay history the Girls Golf team finished first place in league. Morro Bay occupied three of seven spots in the all league. They then shared a championship with St Joseph’s.

Zil Panchal a Senior on the Girls Varsity team has been playing for three years. After being asked how it felt to win 1st place in league for the first time in Morro Bay High School Panchal said, “Totally awesome because when I started playing I saw girls struggling. When I started playing I was playing against freshman and sophomores. They had like five years of experience and I only had like two months so it was totally awesome.” One team that they struggled was against Atascadero High School. For the girls golf team it was hard to get league. “We had to do hardcore exercises and more exercises.” said Panchal.

In league tournaments, Morro Bay finished two times in second place, one time in third, and one time in first place. Abbie Burrus, Taylor Joller, and Sarah Martinez all finished in league. Burrus finished in third place, Joller in fourth, and Martinez in sixth place. The Girls Golf coach, Roger Pelletier said, “The team’s success would not have [been] possible without the contributions of Eva Bagnall, Juli Bishop, and Selina Garcia.” They all performed in duals and tournaments. 

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