Life on the Surf Team

Photography by Spencer Caserio at Morro Bay High School Surf Contest

Most students at Morro Bay High School are involved in a hobby or after school activity. One common hobby that some students are interested in is surfing. Because of our location right next to the beach, many students at MBHS grew up surfing and it is now a passion. Some students take their love for surfing even further and join the MBHS surf team. 

The Surf team is quite popular, but what makes being on the team so great?

Sophomore Gavin Twist states, “The Pit and the Rock are the best spots to surf around this area.” Freshman Carson Spahr who explained how fun the surf team is at MBHS, “It’s a good team bonding feeling.” Spahr also went on to say, “you get to be in nature with a lot of good friends.”

But Spahr isn’t the only student on the Surf Team who felt this way. Junior Jesse Velte talks about what it’s like to finally catch a wave. “It’s like that feeling of free falling” Velte continues discussing what it feels like to catch a wave. “It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Freshman Ashton Evans explains what kind of board he likes to use,  “I prefer short boards, but if it’s for small waves then it’s more fun to long board.” After being asked what it’s like being on the surf team Evans stated, “It’s pretty fun you get to surf every Monday morning at the rock and just being with all your friends, also you get to do a couple of contests each year.”

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