Music To My Ears


I always carry around earbuds just in case I need some music therapy. Depending on my mood, my choice in music might be upbeat and fast-paced or exciting rock, but never sad. On my morning bus ride, I often shuffle through Turkish Pop which wakes me up and gets me ready for the day. My favorite Turkish Pop artist is Tarkan. I recommend Turkish pop to anyone looking for an entertaining musical experience that will last all day long.


On my bus ride home from school, I may choose rock such as music by Panic! At the Disco. The variations in pitch and beat keep me interested and relax my mind after a long day of school. I highly recommend the songs: “There’s a Good Reason why all the Tables are Numbered, Honey”, ”Yolla”, “Roaring 20’s”, “Nails for Breakfast Tacks for Snacks”, ”Dancing’s Not a Crime”, ”Çay Simit” and “Kedi Gibi”.


Even though most of my favorites by Tarkan are upbeat pop songs, typically when I listen to the music it makes me feel relaxed. Furthermore, the thought provoking lyrics of Panic! At the Disco make me feel invested in something other than my own problems. Sometimes I don’t feel any particular emotion, so I engage myself in Russian Pop music! Russian Pop music has more synthetic sounds, which make for an exciting listening experience.


I encourage students to expand their music choices, because you might enjoy what you find and it might make your day so much better. I listen to music on “Musi”, a free app that can be found on the App Store.

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