Halloween: What Kind of Candy is Best?

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Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays across America. Time and time again kids (and even a few adults) dress up as monsters, characters from movies, and TV shows, as well as many other interesting things. But there is one goal that everyone shares during Halloween: Candy. Candy is the driving force that makes every kid want to have the best costume and trick or treat in the best places. There are many different types of candy, but there are always a few favorites that kids look forward to getting during Halloween.

Students at Morro Bay High School, much like everyone else, love candy. There are so many different kinds of candy, but students at MBHS enjoy the classic Twix. In an informal poll, 5 out of 20 students agree that Twix is the best candy. The reason Twix is the most liked candy is because it has something we all love- Chocolate. And 15 out of 20 agree that chocolate is the best type of candy.

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However, 5 out of 20 students said that they prefer something other than chocolate. 3 students said they prefer Sour Patch Kids over a chocolate treat. Junior Cadence Guy explained why Sour Patch Kids is better than chocolate, “I really enjoy the first layer of the sour and once you get past the sour you get to the sweetness of the candy.”

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