Student Spotlight: Abby Campos


Abby Campos is a Freshman in the Special Day program here at Morro Bay High School. In the classroom, you might find Abby giggling with her instructional aides while reading magazines and looking at pictures. Her instructional aid Mick describes Abby as “brilliant”, and that she is very good at retaining information and images in their reading exercises.

Another thing known to make Abby laugh is watching music videos on her iPad: her favorite video is the “Ice Cream Song”. She enjoys singing along and her teacher Ms. Cole reports she is a “really good dancer”. Her favorite song to dance to is “The Gummy Bear Song” because of the catchy tune and fun dance moves. Abby’s favorite color is purple, her best-loved animal is a cat, and her favorite food is hot sauce. According to her teacher, Abby “puts hot sauce on everything- she can stand a lot of it!”

Outside the classroom, Abby enjoys her adaptive P.E. class where she is currently learning to use the stationary bike. One of her favorite activities to do on weekends is walking with her dad to the music store in Morro Bay.

Abby is known by her peers and teachers alike to be a loyal and good friend, and always looks out for others. Her teachers express that Abby’s most notable quality is her “great smile” and love of laughter.

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