Top 10 things to Buy in the School Cafeteria


We asked students during lunch what the best thing was to buy in the school cafeteria. Here are the top 10 answers and the reason why:

  1. Pizzabecause it’s classic, cheap, and delicious.
  2. Spaghettibecause it’s the most delicious thing in the world.
  3. Rice krispies treatsbecause it’s a perfect option for a short snack.
  4. Fruit snackbecause it’s healthy.
  5. Cookies because they are sweet and delicious.
  6. “Doritos” chipsbecause they are super spicy, and spicy food is cool.
  7. Chocolate milk  – because it’s really good, even it can’t replace the whole lunch, it’s good as a desert.
  8. Sparkling water “Izze”because it’s so refreshing.
  9. Chocolate muffins  – because everybody likes them! Who doesn’t?
  10. Fried potatoesbecause it’s substantial and delicious.
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