Trick or Treating: How old is too old?

MBHS Student enjoying Halloween

   by Robert Everett

   Trick or treating has been a part of every child’s life at some point, but what about in adulthood? The Halloween tradition of dressing up has been an age-old practice, but this usually doesn’t carry out to our modern day adult life unless it’s a costume party or taking your children out to trick or treat.

     As adults, we typically think we should stop going out for Halloween in our senior year of high school at most, but I say all should be allowed to act like a child for one day out of your adult life to escape the uniformity of each age from young to old.

     If you refuse to hand over some candy to an adult acting “too childish”, then you should reconsider and think- does maturity equal wisdom and intelligence? Because, sometimes it doesn’t. Halloween should be a day where all ages can have fun and get free candy.

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