Should There be School on Halloween?


Halloween is a fun holiday celebrated by people of all ages. However, it is not a public holiday, which means that students have to go to school. Some people enjoy showing off their costumes and doing fun activities at school.  However for many people going to school on Halloween is inconvenient.

On one hand, Halloween is a night holiday. “What’s the fun in broad daylight?” asks student Alex Borges. Also, Halloween is not a public holiday, so even if we got the school day off, our parents would still have to work making it difficult for students without cars to get to parties and prime trick or treating spots. “It just doesn’t make sense,” (Borges).

With this in mind, there are many people who believe that we should not have school on Halloween. “If we got school off on Halloween, it would make my babysitting job much easier,” says student Omar Taylor. Not having school would make it a lot easier on students, giving them more time to socialize and enjoy the holiday. It would also be safer for little kids because they could trick or treat in daylight.

Overall, Halloween is a great holiday for all ages to enjoy. Regardless of whether or not you attend school on Halloween, it is a fun occasion and a great opportunity for free candy.

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