Results for 2018 November election


This November citizens of Morro Bay voted for a new mayor and two new city council members. John Headding narrowly beat John Weiss for the for the position of Mayor. Senior Abigail Hamma said, “I’m excited to see what he does.” Meanwhile, Dawn Addis and Jeff Heller secured the two openings on the Morro Bay City Council. John Hedding will have a 2-year term and Jeff Heller and Dawn Addis will serve a 4-year term.

Several 18-year-old seniors actually got to vote in the election. “I think it’s important for people to vote because we’re the future of the company a more people who vote and the more voices that hear the better the country is going to be,” says Haven Cota. Another senior, Garrett Wright, said: “It was really helpful to know what I was doing.” Many of the seniors did several weeks of research, and Mrs. Van Zee and Mrs. Van Dam had a mock election.

The two classes split up into groups and each group chose a proposition to cover while the rest of the class voted. The classes were also visited by several of the winning candidates like John Headding and Dawn Addis, as well as the League of Women Voters. “ I think it’s important to be an informed voter,”  says Abigail Hamma.


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