Face Exploders Defend their Title in the Volleyball Tournament


Last week Morro Bay High School ASB (Associated Student Body) hosted a Volleyball Tournament in the small gym at lunch. Students were able to sign up for the tournament with their team and team name to see if they can have a shot at the $50 reward. Eight teams signed up for the tournament, one of them being the staff team who won last year. The teams are made up of six players and a couple substitutes. The teams that signed up were the Sitting Ducks, Slappers, Freshies, Let’s Get This Bread, Face Exploders, UMBC Volleyball, No Luna, and the Beach Boyz.

On the first day the Face Exploders (The Staff Team) went up against UMBC Volleyball. The score ended up 25-15 with the Face Exploders moving on. On the same day, Let’s Get This Bread moved on after defeating the Freshies. The second day of the tournament had the Sitting Ducks against the Slappers. The Slappers moved on with the score being 25-17. For the second game The Beach Boyz won by forfeit against No Luna who did not show up to play. Beach Boyz player Jaden Churchill states, “We’re going to take it all.”

For the semi-finales the Beach Boyz went head to head with the Slappers. The game went by at a medium speed with the Beach Boyz moving on with the score at 20-11. For the second game the Face Exploders fought against Let’s Get This Bread. It was a long and close fight but the Face Exploders pulled through to the finales.

The last day, of course, was the finales. The two teams competing were The Beach Boyz and the reigning champions, the Face Exploders. They would play best two out of three game with the score limit set to fifteen. For the first game the face Exploders started off strong but due to misplays but the Beach Boyz continued to fight to catch up. It was slow, but the Face Exploders eventually took the first game. For the second game the points only went up to eleven as the Face Exploders had a slow start but soon tied it up. It was then a long game with long rallies and the teams wouldn’t give up. After awhile the Face Exploders finished it out and took first place. Face Exploders player Ryan Turner stats, “We were lucky because we had two big hitters and three really good passers in the back.” This has the Face Exploders winning two years in a row for the Volleyball Tournament, but we can’t predict what might happen next year.  

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