New Arts and Engineering Building Planned to Open Early 2019


by Ozzy Gomez

Over the years Morro Bay High School has been implementing Measure D, which so far has resulted in a brand new pool and track facilities. More recently, MBHS has been renovating a building next to the Senior parking and Auto classes that will be used for Ceramics, Photo, and Engineering classes. This building is intended to be an improved working space for the classes moving in which is hoped to increase the productivity of students in Ceramics, Photo, and Engineering. It is planned for the said classes to move into the new building around second semester this year.

Ceramics and Drawing teacher Ms. Osborne said that she is most excited for having more space for the students to move around as well as to use new equipment that works properly. She remarked that she is excited for the class to “just being able to function how we’re supposed to.” Depending on the amount of money used for construction and furniture, it is possible that there will be some new art supplies as well, Ms. Osborne stating “We are hoping to get a few more materials.”

Digital Arts teacher Ms. Haener showed her excitement about the new space, stating, “I just know from experience by being out in a big space that once you have some flexibility students can kind of spread out.” She also went on to say that “it just flows a lot better.” Photo will be receiving plenty of new equipment, from a new green screen room to a new Mac computer lab. Ms. Haener confirmed that all the new equipment and the new location will result in an all-around more productive atmosphere.

Engineering and Physics teacher Mr. Halverson, who will also be moving into the new facility, said that he will be making the move in early 2019. Mr. Halverson showed his excitement by stating, “It’s gonna be fun to watch the kids do some of the cool projects that were going to be putting together.” Mr. Halverson stated that the stated that the students will be working with industry standard software. 

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