Student Spotlight: Riley Grey


Meet Riley Grey!

Riley is a Freshman in the Special Day program here at Morro Bay High School. She is very friendly and her positivity is known to lift up anyone’s mood.

In class, Riley is a very hard worker; she is one of those rare souls that truly enjoys learning. While her favorite and best subject is math, she enjoys pursuing other interests like Spanish in class as well. For example, Riley challenges herself by completing learning activities and then adding the difficult dimension of translating her work into Spanish.

When asked about some of her favorite things, Riley lit up with enthusiasm. Riley loves the color purple, she likes bears because they are fluffy, and she prefers cloudy weather. When it comes to food, Riley is all about pasta, and she looks forward to “pasta day” every week. When the song “Firework” by Katy Perry comes on, Riley will break into dance- her signature move, “fast feet” is sure to impress.

Riley is extremely active and loves the outdoors. She frequently walks the Bob Jones Trail in Avila Beach and described by many as an astoundingly fast walker. On weekends, Riley often rides her bike to the middle school in Los Osos and spends time with her brother Ford. In addition, Riley takes horseback riding lessons with her favorite horse named Altitude. She is an animal lover, and she loves to go on walks with her dachshund named Charlie.

Next time you see Riley walking down the hallway at lightning speed, make sure to wave and say hi, her smile is sure to brighten your day!

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