Varsity Girls Basketball Wins an Intense Away Game

Last year's basketball team attempts a free throw.

Varsity Girls Basketball started their season with a loss against San Luis High School on Tuesday. One of the players said, “We’re a young team. We were kinda nervous and had the first game jitters.” The next day they traveled to Arvin High School in Kern County and won. Jenny Rose, a junior on the varsity team described the game as “pretty intense and really good.” During the fourth quarter with three minutes and fifty-eight seconds to go Rose scored a three pointer. She thought the energy on the bench picked up after that. Eight seconds later Maddie Fryer, a junior, scored another three pointer. “The bench and the JV team went crazy, loud, supportive, and wild,” said a JV player.

Morro Bay was down by one basket in the fourth quarter, 39-41. Fryer was fouled and went to the free throw line to shoot two free throws. She made both free throws and tied the game. “I felt prideful for my team.” said Fryer when she was asked how she felt when she tied the game. Fryer felt like the team had lost their hearts when they were up one basket but then down by one basket. “Communication, once we found our flow that helped our team win.”

Rose scored the winning point while the Arvin crowd was trying to distract her during her two free throws. She missed her first free throw and made the second free throw to win the game with a score of 42-41. Rose said, “I felt overwhelmed, tired and happy. Everyone was excited and so happy.” The JV team ran out to hug all the players before varsity left to talk about the game. “Coach couldn’t even talk.” said Rose.

JV though lost both games. The starting point guard, Kristielyn Biado, said, “I can help them set up plays by telling them were to go, saying what the play is, and communicating on defense and offense.” The JV team also has some improvements, “We need to communicate, slow down, know the plays and remember them, play hard and clean, and hustle.” We can beat them (St. Joseph’s) if we play hard and communicate.” said the starting point guard.

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