What it is Like to Learn an Uncommon Foreign Language- Kayleigh Boardman


By Robert Everett

Foreign languages is something that we can’t escape as there are over a thousand languages out there- with the most prominent ones being Chinese, English and Spanish, but what is it like to actually learn and speak a foreign language? To gain some insight on this, we interviewed Kayleigh Boardman, a sophomore, who is learning Norwegian.

Boardman has decided to learn Norwegian to better understand Scandinavian culture, and is learning this language because she would like to live there at some point in her life.  As for how she memorizes and learns words, Boardman said,  “I credit Duolingo for harassing me on a daily basis.” – Duolingo being a language learning app that’s available on the IOS and Android.

Boardman described the accent as “Choking on potatoes, but most times it sounds like German but happier.” She explained that Norwegian belongs to the North Germanic language branch of the Germanic language tree, so the words are close to English, but the difficulty of the words will vary depending on the language that you’re learning

Basically, the experience of learning will differ depending on the language. If you are learning a Germanic language or want to, then speaking with Kayleigh Boardman will be helpful for more information on this topic!

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