Boys and Girls Wrestling Find Success

Four girls placed as medalists at the Santa Maria Tournament. Photo Credit mbgirlswrestling Instagram

Boys and Girl Wrestling have begun their seasons with the Girls competing in their first match on November 24th and the Boys on November 28th at Santa Maria High School. These matches ended with a victory for the boys, who competed as a team, and several successes for the Girls, who competed individually. The Girls were competing in the Santa Maria Invitational and the Boys in the LPL Challenge.

The Boys defeated Lompoc 9 to 72 and Santa Ynez 12 to 72. The Girls team, on the other hand, did not have a collective score, instead being an individual tournament. Sophomore Sara Sterner said that “we had one girl place first, one girl place second, and two girls place third.” Sterner was one of these four girls. Speaking about how the girls team is primarily based on individual scoring rather than teams, Sterner said that “it’s really different…because it’s a new sport and we don’t get a lot of dual matches.”

In previous years, Girls Wrestling was part of the Wrestling team of both boys and girls, but it has since become its own entity, reflecting the nation-wide trend of growing interest in Girls Wrestling. Sterner said that in the past (last year and in pre-season) Girls Wrestling has practiced with the boys, and that teams reputation of being “really, really good” has helped Girls Wrestling.

Personally, Sterner hopes to “try to get to State however I can,” which would be a step beyond her accomplishments last year, when she made it to the Masters tournament but wasn’t able to win any matches. She said that in the past she has often jumped between sports with wrestling being the first sport that she has stuck with.


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