Girls of MBHS Magazine Up and Running


This November Morro Bay High School was introduced to the first issue of the magazine “Pirate Girls of Morro Bay High”. This magazine features articles, essays, puzzles, artwork, short stories, poems, and quizzes all written by the girls of Morro Bay High School. It is a safe space for girls to share interests.

Ms. Abuan, the editor-in-chief of the magazine says that she got inspiration to do the magazine from her daughter, who showed her a similar magazine called “New Moon Girls.¨ The magazine currently has a website created by student Bria Kula that features all of the works submitted to Mrs. Abuan (accessible at

On the topic of the website and newspaper, Bria said that the plan for the website is to be somewhere where ¨girls can share their interest, hobbies, stories, concerns, etc. and either be public or anonymous.¨ The content of the website will be entirely up to the writers who submit articles of their choice.

Currently, the site feature 6 girls but they are looking to get more submissions. If you are interested in submitting work contact The target is to get 15-20 girls to submit monthly.

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