Both Basketball Teams Secure Win


The JV Girls Basketball team played Monday night against St. Joseph. “After an extra practice on Saturday night it kinda helped us win the game because we went over plays.” said Ashley Magday. Not only did Magday think an extra practice helped, but Azlyn Fitzwater, the starting point guard, also believed that an extra practice helped because “that day was about going over plays. It was still fresh in our minds.”

In the first half against St. Joseph, Morro Bay was down. After halftime Morro Bay started getting a lead against St. Joseph. “It was a good game. We all worked together and listened to our coach [Bobby].” The final score for the game was 22-18.

Tuesday afternoon JV had another game against Mission Prep at San Luis Obispo. “In the first half the team was doing good. In the second half we slowed down. Defense was slower and offense was to fast.” said Fitzwater. The final score of the game was 24-18. That loss makes their record for preseason 1-3.

The Varsity team played St. Joseph on Monday too. That night Maddie Fryer, who tied the game and secured a win for Varsity against Arvin got injured. There is no information on what happened to her yet. Varsity team got a win that night though, 41-26. The next day they played against Mission. The final score was 29-56. The record for preseason is now 2-2.

Both teams will start the season with an away game at Santa Ynez. Also, they will have a home game next Friday against Pioneer Valley.


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