“The Good Place” Tackles Deep Issues Comedically


      by Robert Everett

     Some shows have little recognition but are still great shows. One of these shows is called “The Good Place”. “The Good Place” is about a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop (played by actress Kristen Bell) who died and went to ‘the good place’, the place that only the most selfless people go after death. ‘The good place’ is divided into neighborhoods designed by “architects” who are beings of higher power who make these places. In the good place you will find your “soulmate”. The residences in the good place are specially made to accommodate that person’s personality.

     The show is more of a comedy, and has a theme of morals- specifically when or when not to follow them. I think that it is quite an interesting topic of a show as typically you would hear advice stating what’s morally correct, but this show leaves it up to the viewer to make an opinion on it. A good way into the show’s first season feels like a rollercoaster, it leaves you on the edge of your seat with every event that comes after unpredictable before it happens.  

     Overall, this show is a great one and it’s definitely worth the watch because it can be taken both serious and comedically, and the characters have vibrant and unique personalities. I would give show this a 9.5/10! 

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