Spotlight: Aiden Fillerup Finds Success for Boys Soccer

Aiden Fillerup shows his soccer skills.

One of the team captains, Aiden Fillerup, has proven himself to have an outstanding performance throughout this season as is shown by him being named the player of the game against Coast Union High School Aiden is one of four starting defensive backs on the team. Aiden, along with Gavin Langford, Dany Rios, and Cameron Joller did not allow a single shot on goal throughout the entire game against Coast Union.

Aiden in his interview, when asked about being named the player of the game against Coast Union, said that he “felt confident about the team win and how we did not allow a single shot on goal.” When asked about his team chemistry, “Oh we have chemistry 100%, and it’s only going to get better from here. We do have a lot to work on, mostly passing, but I know we will work on that in practice.”  

When asked about his best game other than the Coast Union game, Aiden had a surprising answer, “The score may not show it, but I and the rest of the team had a good showing against SLO.”

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