MBHS Students: Breaking Down Finals


Finals week is notorious for being a stressful time in school for the students and makes students stress out about their grades. What is the feel of finals week for Morro Bay High School students this year?

For most Freshmen, this time of the year is especially stressful because it’s the first final for most of them. When asked what makes finals so stressful, Freshman Max Hartshorn stated, “Well, finals can drop your grade very low if you fail them which does not sound fun- especially if your grade is already low, then it can make you fail a class, which sounds terrible.”

Though finals are stressful, when asked if some classes shouldn’t have a final, Senior Kaiden Diodati replied with, “No, I believe that’s up to the teacher’s discretion if there should be a final or not.” continuing “I think it should be based on what you learned over the semester.”

Some other students felt that instead of one giant test about everything that was learned over the entire semester, teachers should base the test on one unit that you learned recently.  Junior Jazlyn Orozco explained, “For chemistry, for example, they have so many units in one semester  so I feel it should be on one unit that was taught that semester.”

When asked if finals can affect the school’s overall mood, Sophomore Rosalie Rauenzahn stated, “Yes I agree with that, one-hundred percent, because it’s basically 12 hours of testing in one week.”

Most students that were interviewed believed that final exams aren’t necessary for school, or for certain classes. Overall, the first finals week of this school year has proved to be somewhat intimidating for students of all grade levels. 

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