Fun Activities for Winter Break


School is out and finals are over. Two weeks of break provides a lot of time to do what you want. Here are some fun things to do over winter break.

1.Road trip-A road trip could be a fun way to spend some quality time during the break. You could go to Mammoth, visit relatives, or even take a plane somewhere new and exciting. It’s a good way to spend time with family and friends.

2.Movie Marathon-If you’re into a certain series of movies like Marvel or Star Wars then you should have a movie marathon. It’s a good way to not be bored during the long break. To make this experience better, you should binge watch the movies with friends.

3.Board Games-If you are a total screen addict then you should take a break from that and play some board games. It’s a good way to spend time with family and have some good laughs. Some of the best board games to play are Clue, The Game of Life, monopoly, and many others.

4.Go see a Movie- Rather than taking a break from your screen, you could also trade it in for a bigger one! Once Upon a Deadpool is a pg-13 rated version of it with a Christmas theme to it. With its strange, Fred Savage-themed marketing, it seems like a funny and thrilling movie to go watch with friends and family. Mary Poppins Returns, a follow-up to the 1964 Disney classic, will also be hitting theaters soon. 

5.Holiday Cooking– Who doesn’t like Christmas cookies? You could always put your holiday culinary skills to the test this break. If you’re not a cooking kind of person it may be fun to experiment with foods and see if it tastes good. If you’re making dinner, then give it a Christmas theme to make it little bit more merrier.

The Christmas break should be a time to hangout with friends and family and create a stronger bond with them. Hopefully if  you get bored you can use these options to make your holiday break fun with other people.

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