Top 5 Last Minute Gifts


Christmas a time of mutual gift giving, but what if you forgot to go shopping earlier? Here are some quick last minute gifts to give to a friend and loved ones if you just didn’t have the time.

  1. Sweets. The most common last minute gift is something along the line sweets or good food, such as gum, chocolate, and some sort of candy. Some of the best candy to give is the skittles that come in a cane or holiday-themed Hershey’s kiss- or even just a normal Hersheys bar. You can also gift people hot chocolate or food you know that they like- because who doesn’t like food?
  2. Gift Card. Can’t think of anything specific? Don’t know what gift would be the right one? Let them choose. A very widely accepted gift is a gift card.  Money alone isn’t seen as a very thoughtful gift as it requires very minimal effort. A gift card, on the other hand, shows that you are thinking of what kinds of stores they would like and have put more effort into the gift.
  3. Colorful toys. If you’re looking for a gift for a child, you’re really going to have to think what will make them happy and if there’s one thing that will make kids happy it’s bright flashy meaningless toys. These gifts can be things like Barbies or Hotwheels- something with colorful packaging that will brighten their Christmas morning.
  4. Something homemade. Homemade gifts are something that you put effort into for that other person and putting effort towards someone is a wonderful jester for your enjoyment of someone. Even a handmade Cards will be appreciated as it shows that you put effort into the gift.
  5. Flowers. Flowers can be the perfect sentimental gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend and represents your relationship beautifully and flawlessly. It’s a sweet idea that will most likely be appreciated.

Christmas is still weeks away, and you still have time to get gifts so don’t waste the opportunity!

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