Animated Arts with Colby Ratzat


This is part two of the series “Adventures in the Animated Arts” featuring student animator Colby Razat

Colby Ratzat is a Senior here at MBHS, and among a small group students that have been exposed to animation. Ratzat prefers Japanese style of animation; in his own work, he likes to incorporate elements of realism for a unique combination of the styles. He became interested in animation when watching videos and learning that anyone can develop the ability to animate. The 3D animation process proved to be a difficult undertaking, as Ratzat is still working to make the animation work on his computer. However, he notes that the actual act of animating is fairly easy and extremely gratifying.

Ratzat pursued this interest in 3D animation by looking at tutorials on Youtube. He was immediately inspired by how with the same given animation tools, “each individual has their own creative style, and I like seeing their different creations.” The software that he uses is called “Blender”, an open source 3D creation software. He draws characters on his phone using “Autodesk Sketchbook” and then transfers them to Blender to begin animation. One of the great things about animation is the opportunity to design unique characters and then use your imagination to create an animated story.


As a storyteller and writer, Ratzat hopes to pursue a career in art entertainment. Specifically, he hopes to create an art entertainment company so “other content creators can come together and display their own work; they can get the credit they deserve [as artists]”. He attributes this dream to being inspired by content creators on youtube who entertain him, saying, “I want to give that back.”

When asked if he thinks that MBHS should offer animation classes, Ratzat replied, “Of course, though I am a senior, it would be a great option for other kids to pursue that skill”. His advice for future 3D animators is “if you have the determination and imagination, then just go for it, regardless of your previous skill level.”     

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