Aquaman: A Must See Action Film


“Aquaman” is a movie about the half-Atlantean and half-human rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis. Aquaman, or Arthur Curry, himself is a superhero in the fictional DC universe.  “Aquaman” tells the story of a forbidden love between the queen of Atlantis and a lonely fisherman who end up being Aquaman’s parents. Aquaman decides he needs to find a very powerful trident to defeat his younger more powerful brother.   

Oceanmaster (Aquaman’s brother) wants to wage a war on life on land for treating the ocean badly.  During his mission to find the trident Aquaman is being attacked over and over again by Black Manta. Black Manta and Aquaman first meet in the beginning of the movie where Manta and his dad were taking over a military submarine.

In my opinion, “Aquaman” exceeded all the expectations that I had for it. There wasn’t a moment in the theater that I was bored. In almost every scene I was surprised or impressed by the fighting choreography and the extreme situations the characters were put in. The CGI effects were off the charts, and everything in that movie looked so real.

This is a good movie for those who enjoy superhero films and action movies, and it would definitely be worth seeing again!

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