Student Spotlight: Meet Oshan McGregor!


Oshan McGregor is a Freshman this year and is one of the more spirited students on campus. You may have caught a glimpse of him walking down the halls, proudly showing off his Morro Bay High School Football jersey or maybe you have heard him and his family cheering at Morro Bay football games on Friday night. Needless to say, Oshan is also a fan of football. One of his favorite activities is playing football with his aide Mick. His favorite football team is, of course, MB.

Oshan likes school and in the classroom, he enjoys learning math the most. He likes to practice math at home, and according to his teacher Ms. Cole, he is quite good at it. At school, Oshan has fun with his friends and classmates: Riley, Abby, and Stasia, whether it be in class doing learning activities together, or around campus and through various physical education activities.

Oshan also enjoys spending time with his parents, his sister Kirra, and his dog named Bing. They often take Bing on walks around Morro Bay to explore. His favorite weekend activities include watching movies and playing with toys like Shrek and play-guns. His favorite TV show is “Monster Hits” which he can watch on repeat because it’s that “funny”. He also takes swimming lessons at the Morro Bay pool where he likes to practice his favorite stroke: breast-stroke.

Some of his other favorite things include hamburgers, the color pink, his dog Bing, and raccoons. Oshan is a hard worker and during school, he is known to be playful and kind to his peers. Come by Buddy Club on Tuesdays at Lunch to hang out with Oshan and meet some new and amazing friends!

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