FFA Celebrates Students at Chapter Degree Banquet


 On Wednesday, January 16th, Morro Bay High School’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) program hosted its FFA Chapter Degree Banquet, which celebrated about 14 members for earning their Chapter Degrees. The event began at 6:00 PM in the Morro Bay High School Cafeteria.

The banquet, which was organized by the six FFA officers and Mrs. Flynn and had ceremonies led by “Greenhand” members (students in their first year of FFA) , was meant to recognize students receiving their Chapter Degrees, the second of of recognition (members can receive a total of four degrees in high school and can continue with the association after high school), which was awarded to second year members of FFA for completing 50 hours of time in their SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience), led a discussion in class for ten to fifteen minutes, and a variety of other qualifications.

Rebecca Dulitz, the FFA Chapter Sentinel and the Chairman of the Decorations Committee, described her role as a “form of dominance in the class.” Serving under FFA Advisor Mrs. Flynn, they “play a role in how everything is directed.”  To her, FFA at Morro Bay High School “is a growing organization” and so “recruiting is a big thing for it.” She continued, listing career development and personal responsibility as core goals of FFA.

Speaking about the organization of the FFA Banquet, Dulitz said “definitely a lot of decorations that went up that took a lot of time.” Organization was done by the group of officers with a “group of members” to assist them. For the Banquet specifically, Rebecca supervised a group of about 20 students who were “able to get the job done efficiently.”

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