Winter Celebrations from Around the World

A student poses in front of an exotic waterfall, celebrating his holiday break. Photo Credit Nel Anthony Aldea

Usually during the winter break many people around the world celebrate the holidays by watching holiday movies, eating too much food, or sleeping in a little. Some people celebrate Christmas with their own little traditions in it. For me my little tradition is to have a grilled cheese sandwich with eggnog for dinner. Around Morro Bay High School, many people have completely different cultural celebrations.  

For instance, this year at Morro Bay High School we have had 22 foreign exchange students attending our school. Although some countries celebrate Christmas the same way we do, others celebrate it completely differently. In Japan, a popular practice for Christmas dinner is going out to eat KFC. In some Mexican regions a nativity scene is built entirely out of radishes by the locals to celebrate Christmas. These aren’t just the only cultural celebrations, there are thousands of other traditions around the world. Student Inga Holsten says, “We have a huge family gathering. Then we eat as much food as we can and then go into the Alps for skiing.”

Not all of our foreign exchange students are just celebrating their own cultural traditions, they are experiencing our celebration of Christmas. Student Karina Mudarissova says, “We celebrated in American tradition for Christmas. We were celebrating New Year’s as I would have done in Kazakhstan by cooking my traditional meals and watched traditional Russian movies.”

Christmas is a great time to share our traditions with others and learn about other cultural celebrations from around the world.

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