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With the introduction of “Safe Place” stickers, Morro Bay High School teachers have taken certain steps to help the growing population of LGBTQ+ students at Morro Bay High School. Seeing that LGBTQ+ students already struggle with a multitude of issues, teachers like Mrs. Brinkman have been working hard to make all student feel more comfortable at school.

“The safe space stickers came about because I heard a story from a person who came to talk to us before the school year started. They said that when they were in school before fully transitioning, they remembered a teacher at school having a sticker on their desk that said I am a safe person and this classroom is a safe space for all students. Years later, when this person was transitioning, they ran into the teacher at the supermarket and remembered feeling safe with that teacher and how good it felt to have someone they could talk to about their transition, without judgment. I thought that it was a very powerful story, and I thought that our students would be happy to know that they have a safe space here at Morro Bay High” says teacher and S.A.G.A. club leader, Mrs. Brinkman.

Around campus, many students have been noticing the “safe place” stickers that Mrs. Brinkman bought and are having strong reactions. Senior Colby Ratzat says “I appreciate the teachers and the safe space stickers for allowing me to feel normal and comfortable in school.” For several LGBTQ+ students, the stickers are a much-appreciated change. “They make me feel safer at school, which is so important since I have to be here every day,” says student Keegan Hunt. The safe space stickers are still available, for more information talk to Mrs. Brinkman, room 204.

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