Neon Dance Preparation!


The first dance of the new year will be the Neon Dance! ASB is hosting and will prepare the supplies needed to make the dance happen. With a theme of “Neon Neptune,” the dance will be full of vibrant colors and music to enjoy for all who attend. DJ Solstace will return to the stage to perform with new music.

ASB member Clay Culpepper says, “It’s always the biggest dance of the year, most hyped up and most decorated.” The dance will also include confetti cannons and lasers to lighten up the room. For the preparation of the dance, Culpepper added, “The dance planning committee is doing a great job.”

According to ASB member Kelby Plotkin, the goal of the dance is to “raise money and for the students to have a good time.” The Neon Dance will take place next week on Friday, February February 1 at 7:30 p.m. in the big gym. Make sure you come out and participate pirates!

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